Employee perks that matter.

Image of a happy Washio customer receiving her dry cleaning delivery. Washio is one of Aspire's many service partners.

Be proud of the perks you offer

Aspire helps companies provide meaningful workplace perks to their employees. We partner with high-quality vendors to administer a wide range of workplace perks.

We offer everything from in-office yoga classes and catered lunches to on-demand dry cleaning and home cleaning services. With Aspire you can bring your team together, make your employees’ lives a little better, and create a better workplace.

We are a one-stop-shop for managing company perks. You know how you want to invest in your employees, and we make it happen.

I actually wanted to take a minute to say THANKS. We are all walking around raving about it and telling the others to sign up. I’ve even been telling my friends at other companies about it and they are all jealous.

Faith Hites, Employee

After six days at the beach with six kids I arrived home and the lights from heaven above shined down on a delivery of wine. Impeccable timing and immensely appreciated. It is wonderful to feel appreciated.

Jennifer Clapp, Employee

The vendors are so nice and helpful, and help resolve any issues and answer any question in such a quick manner. Excellent experience. They make us feel special, valued and appreciated.

Gulnara Karimova, Employee

An All-in-One Solution for
Meaningful Employee Perks

Easily Provide Hundreds of Employee Perks

With Aspire, you and your employees will get access to hundreds of different perks ranging from meal delivery services to football tickets. We’ve curated a network of high-quality, local vendors and we’re always adding new ones to the mix based on employee suggestions.

We Take Care of Everything

Whether it’s organizing lunches and outings for your team or reminding you of your upcoming spin class, we take care of all of the details. We handle all perk administration logistics, customer service requests and invoicing so you and your HR team can get back to running your business.

Measure the Impact

Our software recommends perks off of our research-based Workplace Wellness Index, which helps you constantly measure how your employees feel about their perks. You don’t have to wait until your end-of-year survey to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Our Perks
Hand-Picked to Deliver Happiness

We’re not just offering your employees coupons and calling them perks.

Our perks create unique experiences for each of your employees. Through Aspire, you can build your culture, create memories, and make life a little better for your employees. We’ll work with you to get meaningful perks into your office.

Our perks include:

  • Catered lunches for team
  • Fully-stocked snack pantry in office
  • Career and life coaching sessions
  • Office-wide fitness programs
  • Fresh dinner kits delivered to employees’ homes
  • On-demand car service
  • Certified one-on-one massage therapy
  • Farm-fresh fruits and vegetables straight to the table
  • Tickets to a professional sports game with your family
  • On-demand dry cleaning and laundry

Interested in offering your services on Aspire? Check out how we work with partners and let us know if you're interested!

Our Clients

Our clients are progressive, employee-focused organizations who understand the importance of investing in their people and are willing to go the extra mile to show that they care.

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Tom Raffa, CEO, Raffa P.C

I have worked with the Aspire team in our efforts to continually improve the workplace at Raffa and their software has been invaluable. We now have cost-effective perks that our employees like to use. Aspire provided practical and cost-effective perks that make a big difference to my staff.

Floyd Sartin, HR Manager, IDS International

In today’s workforce, employees are more interested in flexibility, autonomy, and being rewarded for great performance. Aspire allows organizations the ability to satisfy all of those interests by personalizing workplace perks. Aspire adds great value to our organization’s culture, as well as our talent acquisition process.

Chris Berlin, VP of Finance, GBS Health

Aspire's benefits are not only personalized and flexible, they are fun to use. This program actively engages employees to become vested in their company's culture and performance, in addition to being rewarded for their hard work. These benefits are different from traditional models and workers not only recognize this, but embrace it. Aspire rocks!

The People Behind Aspire

  • Portrait of Neil Shah, CEO of Aspire.

Neil Shah

Neil spends his days working on Aspire’s sales, strategy and product development. In past ventures, he was the co-founder of Compass Partners, the nation’s largest college-aged entrepreneurship education program, and Raleway, a web development firm for inspiring companies. He also has experience as a product manager for EverFi, a millennial-focused education startup. His dog, Apollo, is a slightly better programmer than him -- but only slightly.

  • Portrait of Lily Cua, COO of Aspire.

Lily Cua

Lily focuses on Aspire’s internal systems and data strategy to ensure that clients and partners are always getting the full Aspire experience. Before Aspire, she worked in PwC's advisory practice where she specialized in delivering data and reporting strategy solutions to Federal organizations. She also has experience leading performance management and organizational design initiatives. Most importantly, she is a gifted arcade basketball player and brunch enthusiast.

William Huster

William is a full-stack developer, information architect, and designer with years of experience building web applications for real people, exercising his expertise in user-centered design methodology. He has experience as the User Experience Design for SmartBear Software's Hosted Solutions division, and worked on visual design, branding, interaction design, and development for start-ups and Compass Partners. Eight years ago, he and Neil were in a mediocre band together. Let’s not talk about it.

  • Portrait of Marcy Humphrey. Head of Accounts at Aspire.

Marcy Humphrey
Head of Accounts

Marcy develops our relationships with clients, partners and individual users to keep the gears turning at Aspire. She was a consultant at Navigant Consulting in the Disputes and Investigations practice before joining the Aspire team, where she specialized in preparing expert witnesses for trial and responding to pending insurance litigation. She counts among her many talents solving world hunger with Excel shortcuts and running faster than your average snail.

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