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Comprehensive perk management software and unmatched customer service to help you build a better workplace.

Team Perks

Enhance your office and bring your team together to shape your company's culture.

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Easily Provide Awesome Office Perks and Team Activities

Our platform helps you create a great place for your staff to work without all of the administrative tasks and headaches that come along with it. Stock your fridge and feed your team with healthy lunches provided by local vendors. Get the endorphins pumping with high-intensity fitness classes. Help your team unwind during busy season with meditation workshops or massages. And do it all with a click of a button.

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We Take Care of Everything

Our platform handles all partner curation, logistics, customer service requests and invoicing to make sure that everything runs smoothly day of, allowing you and your HR team to get back to running your business. No longer do you have to manage a rolodex of vendors, or scramble to pull together last minute orders. With Aspire, clients can rest assured that they will consistently get top notch services on time and in budget.

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Measure the impact

Our software platform recommends the best services for your office based on your budgets, employee demographics, industry trends, and company profile. We’re also continuously tracking usage, suggestions, and ratings data to make sure employees are using and liking the perks you are offering in your workplace, so you no longer have to wait until your end-of-year survey to know what’s working and what isn’t.

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Our mobile-friendly web app works everywhere you do.

Why Aspire?

Recruit, engage, and retain top talent.

The workplace is changing, and the competition for talent continues to heat up as Millennials become a bigger and bigger part of the workforce. As a result, it’s important for companies to invest in building a workplace that future employees want to join and current employees are proud to be a part of.

Create a culture your employees love.

When you provide perks that matter, your employees feel appreciated. Aspire gets to know your team and your culture, so that when your needs change, we do too. Maybe your office has an obsession with craft coffee, is coming off of a busy month and could use a stress-relieving chair massage, or is going on a health-kick to get ready for summertime. Aspire provides insight into the needs of your staff in and outside of the office, so you can craft a workplace that reflects your unique company culture.

Aspire’s software and service helps visionary company leaders realize their ideal workplace.

Our Clients

Companies that go above & beyond for their employees.

Thousands of perks delivered with

I always want to do great things for my employees but the logistics often get in the way of our best intentions.  Aspire has taken away the logistics so that I can focus on the experience. Weekly happy hours, breakfasts, random team lunches – they all happen seamlessly now. The customer service is responsive and flexible and options are fun and interesting.  I’ve been very happy and more than that my team is thriving and not wasting time!

Sam Cicotello, VP of People Operations, Social Tables

I use Aspire almost daily here at Carbonite and I have seen a huge difference in our employees attitudes since we started working together. Not only does it make our employees happy, but it takes a great deal of stress off of my plate when planning events! 🙂

Angela Nelson, Office Administrator, Carbonite

Aspire’s software and service helps visionary company leaders realize their ideal workplace.