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6 Ways to Manage Your Workplace Weight Gain


Most Americans spend the majority of their waking hours at work, which may translate to sitting at a desk, eating out, and snacking often. Corporate culture doesn’t naturally lend itself to healthy behaviors. In fact, a 2016 CareerBuilder survey reported that 44 percent of US workers say they’ve gained weight at their current job. High stress… Read more »

4 Companies That Are #Winning With Food Perks


Nowadays most jobs come with at least a few perks, and food-related ones are almost always an office staple. A 2014 study by Seamless reports that 63% of companies at least provide coffee or beverages all of the time, although only 11% regularly provide lunches. The numbers have already shot up since 2013, when only… Read more »

Why Working on July 4th Isn’t as Terrible as You Think


July 4th is right around the corner, and it’s one of the most anticipated holidays of the summer. A holiday where you celebrate our country, Old Glory and delicious food is one worth celebrating. Even if you aren’t an extreme patriot, you should take any excuse you can to indulge in all-day BBQ favorites like… Read more »

It’s Time to Go Pro Puppy at Work


It’s almost Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 24th, if you didn’t already know), but why can’t every day be Bring Your Pet to Work Day? Some companies already allow pets in the workplace as one of their cornerstone office perks, and see that the benefits go far beyond simply having a furry friend… Read more »

How Companies are Revamping “Traditional” Employee Benefits


One of the best ways for employers to attract and retain employees is through offering a generous suite of benefits. Cash may still be king, but benefits are undeniably royalty. More and more employers are offering a unique portfolio of benefits to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The glitz and glam of the new age… Read more »

10 of the Most Popular Employee Perks of 2015

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Who doesn’t love cracking open a cold one with your cube-mate and chatting about the latest in the office? A good happy hour is a staple in the perk world, but it can be hard to come up with other ideas to engage employees in the workplace. We’ve spent the last year providing some awesome… Read more »

Breaking Down Employee Benefits: 5 Different Types You Should Know

Employee benefits are quickly becoming a vital tool for employers when attracting new talent. The companies that offer these fringe benefits, instead of just competitive salaries, are better able to stand out from the crowd. Here is a list of the five basic benefits that companies are now offering – are you keeping up with… Read more »

5 Unconventional Corporate Perks your Staff will Love

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5 Unconventional Corporate Perks your Staff will Love By Aspire You spend more time with your colleagues than almost anyone else. You know their families, what TV show they’re currently binge-watching, and their favorite lunch spots (yeah, we all know you go to Chipotle every Friday). Sometimes when you plan team bonding activities, though, all… Read more »