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Can we salvage the interview process?


Designed by Freepik We’re hiring (!) here at Aspire, so we’ve been reading far and wide to discover the best and most creative ways to approach the hiring process. From the first interview to the final offer, how can we find the right candidates for our company? No one (and we mean no one — not… Read more »

Investing in Your Culture: The Bottom Line


5:27 AM. A busy CEO rolls over, glancing at his phone before his morning run. 513 unread emails. “Q4 numbers – URGENT,” “Focus group study results in – new shirts underperforming” read just two of the first ones he glanced at. With only 24 hours in a day (and really, you need to sleep at… Read more »

How can we keep our millennials?


Some millennials plan to grow at their companies, picturing graduation from their entry-level cube to a corner office. Others have short tenures already in motion, using their cube as a launching pad to a new position, a new company, and maybe even a new industry. Can you influence how many of your millennials stay? You… Read more »

A Vacation Policy to Reflect our Culture


Here at Aspire, we like upending workplace norms. We wrote before about flat organizational structures and we relish the experiments at Buffer that are opening the doors on secret salaries. We recently installed a couple of standing desks to see if we could maybe not have sore backs by the end of the day. [Update:… Read more »

‘Tis the Season of Performance Reviews


Now that it’s December, you’re probably setting aside time to hole up in your office and write end of year reviews for your direct reports. If you’re like 99% of the world, this gives you massive anxiety. Having direct, frank conversations with even your top performers can be a stressful endeavor. Read on for some… Read more »

SWATCHROOM Company Spotlight: Designing a Workspace to Reflect Your Culture

SWATCHROOM's work at Twitter - DC

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Founders and Principals of SWATCHROOM to discuss the role of design in company culture. MaggieO’Neill and Warren Weixler founded SWATCHROOM as an interior, furniture, lighting, 3D art and creative design firm focused on experiential design. SWATCHROOM locally sources much of its work from artists in the heart… Read more »

Creating arbejdsglæde in your office


If you’re in the U.S., you’ve probably never heard of arbejdsglæde. You probably can’t even say arbejdsglæde. Actually, you probably have no idea what that little “æ” is! Arbejdsglæde is incredibly important for the U.S. workforce though – and our Nordic friends have a word to tell us what we’re missing. Arbejdsglæde — pronounced ah-bites-gleh-the… Read more »

How do you measure company culture?


Seems counterintuitive, right? How can you measure something that is by its very nature intangible? It’s like measuring a friendship. What makes a “good” friendship? Well, the first thing you have to determine is what “good” means. Does “good” mean that you know everything about each other’s lives and are so close that sometimes people… Read more »

Spotlight: From the Farmer

The From the Farmer team tasting duck and chicken eggs while considering new suppliers

We spent a brisk, fall morning touring the warehouse and getting to know the people at From the Farmer, a local startup delivering farm-fresh food to the doorsteps of DC, MD and VA residents. Read on to learn how companies like yours are focusing on intentionally creating inclusive cultures. You can tell you’re in a… Read more »

What happens if we get rid of management?


Just a little backstory for those of you who don’t know Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book, The BFG (which is short for big friendly giant) in which the world’s only good giant pairs up with a young girl, Sophie, to convince the Queen of England to capture the child-eating giants in Giant Country. The BFG… Read more »