4 Companies That Are #Winning With Food Perks

banner.jpgNowadays most jobs come with at least a few perks, and food-related ones are almost always an office staple. A 2014 study by Seamless reports that 63% of companies at least provide coffee or beverages all of the time, although only 11% regularly provide lunches. The numbers have already shot up since 2013, when only 5% regularly offered free lunches.

It’s not hard to see why — we all know that food = happiness. Whether it’s as simple as having a fridge in the kitchen to keep your lunch fresh (but make sure to clean it out regularly and check on expiration dates!) or something fancier like a cold brew coffee keg, food and drink perks are bound to create smiles in the office throughout the week 🙂 Here are a few companies that take food perks to a whole different level.


You can’t have a list of employee perks without having Google somewhere on it. The tech giant keeps its food options unique for its 70+ offices around the world. They have “Micro Kitchens” with healthy snacks and organic dairy and fruits, all sourced from local growers. And if that wasn’t cool enough, they tend their own gardens and beehives on-site as well. Google also keeps local and seasonal menus at all of their cafes, where they hire famous chefs from all over the world to cook for their employees. The food is so good that people are flooding Google with requests for them to open up cafes to the public!

Thali Platter at Baadal (Google HQ cafe)


This one is for all the coffee-lovers out there. Starbucks employees get free coffee, tea, and milk-based drinks during and 30 minutes before and after their shift! Plus, for every shift, you get a food “markout”, like their delicious double chocolate chunk brownie, or a heavenly toasted s’mores tart. And it doesn’t stop there! Employees get a 30% discount in-store and an entire pound of whole-bean coffee for free every week. Or, you can opt to swap that for a box of K-Cup® Packs, a box of Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew packets, or a box of 12 coffee pods. That’s a lot of caffeine, but we’re guessing that’s how their baristas can stay so cheery and upbeat during the morning rush of cranky pre-coffee business people 🙂  

Starbucks coffee and sandwiches


Their newly renovated Las Vegas headquarters now boasts a 12,000 sq ft Z-Bistro that has everything you could possibly eat. At the Z-Bistro, employees can get free grilled cheese and fruit at any time, and they even have a make your own trail mix bar. And for all of you restless snackers out there, newsflash: their vending machines are actually affordable. No more $2 bags of gummy worms — you can actually buy things for just a quarter! That is, if you don’t want any of the free snacks that Zappos provides already.

IG: @zbistro

Shrimp Tacos IG: @zbistro


Millercoors wants their employees to drink the company kool-aid. Literally. Employees are encouraged to test the company products after hours…with 13 varieties of beer on-site — for free. Talk about #workperks. New employees are quickly made aware of this perk when they join the company. They run the gauntlet of a beer appreciation course and end with a gourmet dinner in the Miller beer caves. Millercoors’ Chicago employees also get to take advantage of a pub that covers a full floor in their office. They’ve also got homebrewing classes, pilot breweries, and the opportunity to taste-test some of the newest experimental beers! Not a bad gig if you ask us.

Fred & Adolph’s Pub on the 16th floor of the Chicago office


You know what they say, food is the quickest way to our hearts. Providing oodles of food and drinks is a great way to recruit, engage and retain top talent, and studies also show that investing in free food for your staff like team lunches can produce an ROI of up to 150%. Plus, a team that eats together, works well together 🙂 Now obviously these companies are in a league of their own when it comes to food perks, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make a difference in the workplace with your food perks. We’ve seen companies get creative with limited budgets doing things like french fry bars for national French Fry Day to DIY ice cream sundae parties to cool down from the summer heat.

What sort of food perks would you like to see at your company? We’d love to hear from you!