7 Ideas for the Perfect Summer Company Outing

wallpapers-summer-time-desktop-x-px-1680x1050We’re almost halfway through the summer, and it’s finally starting to feel like it. The weather’s too nice to miss out on, so why not move your next company outing outdoors? No more bitter cold and snow — it’s all sunshine with maybe a touch of humidity 🙂 In addition to getting a change of scene, hosting your company outing outside of the office is sure to be a great mood booster for your team as everyone will be able to get their daily fix of Vitamin D. Not sure what to do with your team? We’ve got some great ideas to get the ball rolling!

Go to a Ballgame

Get the team together and head out to a sports game. Popular summertime sports include baseball, soccer, tennis and more! Grab a beer and one of those amazing stadium hot dogs and you’ve got yourself a good time. Or, if your team is really into sports and/or has a bit of a competitive side, why not organize a little softball game of your own? Find a field, a bat and ball, and you should be ready to go!

Enjoy a Summer Staple with a Delicious BBQ or Picnic Spread

It’s not really summer until you go to a picnic or BBQ, right? Head on over to a nearby park or a colleague’s backyard for some good ol’ BBQ. A nice juicy burger, some savory pulled pork — anything tastes good on the grill! If you’re looking to save on costs, you can even make it a potluck and have everyone to bring something to the table. If your team’s not so gifted in the kitchen, though, picnic catering or local BBQ food trucks are always a crowd pleaser!

Cool Down with Some Water Activities

The best way to cool off on a hot, humid summer day is to jump in a pool…or float down a cool river. Kayaking, canoeing, and rafting are particularly popular for groups because they don’t require prior experience so everyone can participate! It’s always relaxing to feel so close to nature, especially if you’re always busy at work. But if you’re looking for something a little tamer, try tubing!

Let Your Inner Child Play at an Amusement Park

Who ever said that being a working adult meant that you can’t have a little bit of fun? We all have that inner kid inside of us, and we need to let him or her free every once in awhile! Even if you aren’t a big fan of the free fall, the Viking, or any of the crazy rollercoaster rides, there’s plenty of other fun things in the parks! Don’t forget the ferris wheel, the water rides, and the cotton candy 🙂

Class It Up with a Dinner Boat Cruise

If you want to go all out on a fancy night out for your team, try out a boat cruise (assuming your office is close to some body of water). Unless your team has the luxury of owning a yacht, a dinner boat cruise will definitely be a unique and memorable experience for them (and if they do own a yacht, they should be taking your team out there on the reg!). Being able to stand on the deck and watch the sunset isn’t something you can do every day, and is sure to land your company some great tweets or instagrams with #allthefilters.

Enjoy a Friendly Game of Putt Putt

Take a normal game of golf, minus the frustration of losing your golf ball in the trees every 3 swings, add in some fun obstacles, and you have yourself an enjoyable game of putt putt! There are a lot of creative themed mini-golf places, so find something your team has a shared interest in (pirates, zoo animals, shark week, you get the idea…) and try that for a spin. You can even create a putt putt tournament and split your employees into teams. Who knows, maybe you have a putt putt master in your midst! Did you know that there is actually a Professional Putters Association?!

Go on a Local City Tour

This might sound cheesy and lame, but you’d be surprised at how little people actually know about the city they live in. Many haven’t had a chance to visit the sites or avoid the tourist traps — but there’s a reason why people travel from out of town to see those spots 🙂 And if you’re going to play tourist, might as well go all out. Try a segway tour or one of those obnoxiously large double decker buses (c’mon, we know you’ve always wondered what it was like).

What’s your company doing for its annual summer outing? Let us know in the comments section!