Are You Offering the Right Employee Perks?

When attracting the best talent, it is vital that you have the right employee perks to offer them. This goes well beyond the traditional benefits package. In a competitive job market, potential employees are often looking for more than just a few weeks of paid time off and dental insurance. Looking beyond the benefits package is crucial for recruiting the best new employees. When you ask new recruits why they chose your office, you’ll probably hear a lot of answers, but one will definitely be “it was just a feeling in the office.” To more reliable cultivate that culture that brings you top talent, you’ll need to maintain a positive workplace environment and motivate your staff to excel at their jobs. One good way to do this is by providing good fringe benefits!

Photo credit: sukiweb

So what should I be offering?

One of the most important perks employees look for in selecting jobs is paid time off. Obvious, right? However, many of the companies with the most satisfied employees go above and beyond the traditional 3-4 weeks of paid time off. Employees today, especially younger employees, are looking for the type of companies that offer unlimited or even mandatory paid time off. Understanding that employees need this kind of supportive work life balance is vital for running a successful office.

The group that’s hardest to attract and keep are the millennials, so many perks are targeted at that group. It’s important to take note of all of the stages of life your staff are in, however, which is why offering on-site childcare is a fantastic perk. Young parents will feel less anxiety returning to work if they can visit their child on breaks during the day and don’t have to waste time dropping them off at a daycare somewhere else. You can also facilitate a young mother’s network for women returning to work, which will provide a space for your employees to connect in a meaningful way outside of their day to day work.

Why are these perks important to my staff?

It is important to show your employees that you respect their work-life balance and want them to succeed in and out of the office. On the most basic level it is vital that your employees feel that they can live a healthy life in addition to being a great employee. Offering gym facilities in the building or a fitness center discount is a helps employees balance their health and work, further demonstrating your commitment to the employee as a whole, not just as a cog in your organization. Improving the food in the office kitchen to include healthier and vegan options is also a simple way to show your employees that they are valued and improve the atmosphere in the office.

Having healthier, happier employees increases productivity in the office. If you feel that your employees seem overworked or irritated when they arrive to the office, it is probably time to reevaluate the perks you are offering and look into the ways you can improve. Employees today often contribute far more than expected , giving time on weekends and evenings to make your organization better. Giving back to them keeps your best talent at your organization and lets them know you see and respect their efforts!