5 ways to beat that Halloween sugar rush in your office

This year, Americans will spend over $6.9 billion celebrating Halloween. That includes the costumes, pet costumes, decorations, and $2.1 billion spent on candy. The season is spooky and fun, but it’s also expensive and packed with sugar and drinks. While we love this holiday as much as the next guy “dressed up” in his superhero t-shirt, we’re also hoping to quickly bounce back to a healthier lifestyle after a day of indulging on pumpkin beer and candy.

So, we’ve compiled a few ways we’re hoping to get back into gear here at Aspire. Feel free to steal them for your office if your cubicle is needing a little pick-me-up (shoot us a note if you need help setting them up!). Pick one or two of these to bring to your office, and no one will ever remember your (failed) attempt to dress up as Elsa … during a board meeting. Scout’s honor.

1 – Burn those calories with a fitness bootcamp

While we know kids across the country aim to eat as much candy as possible on Halloween, now that we’re adults we at least try to keep our cravings in check. But  even the most disciplined adult can’t help but snack while waiting for the trick or treaters to stop by.

Health gurus estimate people who wait with a tempting bowl of candy for the local kids may inadvertently consume between 700 and 1,300 calories in sweets. (Sorry. We hated learning that stat too). That doesn’t even account for the drinks and snacks at the Halloween parties 81% of millennials plan to head to this year, where you can bet there’s more than pumpkin juice to partake in.

After the sugar rush, most workers will come back to sedentary office positions, compounding their consumption. Smart office managers can offer aerobic activities, like fitness boot camps, to help reset our bodies and push these extra calories out. In addition, boot camp trainers like those at Infinity Wellness Partners can teach easy-to-perform exercises that staff can repeat at their desk throughout the day, extending benefits into the rest of the holiday season.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.04.37 AM

Zombies not included, though they’re great motivators!

2: Sweat it out with Bikram

Bikram is a type of hot yoga, which turns your typical practice up to 11 by heating the room to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. While this might seem like something that would happen in a horror movie, practitioners describe increased flexibility and a deep sense of relaxation. Oh, and the sweat. They also mention the sweat.

While sweating does not directly relate to the body’s detoxifying systems, it can certainly help eliminate the remains of all those Halloween martinis (you know, the ones with olives that are meant to be eyes). In addition, the sweat response prompts your body to crave water, pushing you to replenish with healthy fluids.

3: Ease out of the sugar high with guided relaxation

Guided relaxation or meditation is probably the new obsession that your super healthy friend keeps telling you to try out. It turns out, they’re right – meditation has some very tangible benefits that you could share with your team. Learning to meditate from a seasoned vet (check out our friends at Wandering Wellness!) can not only help you destress and calm down, it also reminds us to breathe deeply and regularly throughout the day. This increases oxygen to the brain, improving cognition and productivity. Finally, you can also learn a method to re-align your sleep cycles – especially helpful after a weekend running around with a family size Snickers and a sombrero.

sleepy ghost

4: Recalibrate with some healthy snacks

The average trick or treater consumes around 3 cups of sugar on Halloween, the equivalent of 220 sugar packets. While your team might not be at 11-year-old levels of sugar consumption, they probably aren’t being too careful either.

Instead of that leftover candy, try offering high-protein snacks like granola in your break room to help curb future cravings. Also set out fresh fruits from local sources like From the Farmer to increase fiber intake, which helps reboot your system after that fourth cupcake that you made for your daughter’s school party. As we head into cold and flu season, consider providing immunity-boosting favorites like berries, oranges, and tea to reduce employee susceptibility to contagious illnesses. Less illness can lead to fewer sick days and increased productivity for the whole business. 

apple witch

If you can’t get your fruit from the local vengeful witch, store bought is fine!

5: Host a nutrition seminar to avoid the holiday bulge

Even better than fighting sugary treats once you’ve eaten them is to stop them before they get to your mouth. Nutritional seminars help teach employees simple ways to make healthier choices consistently. Small steps, like taking the stairs or opting for water over sugary drinks, can work wonders for your overall health, especially as we head into the season of real waist killers: Thanksgiving and the holidays. A good nutritionist will help your team choose the right foods, tackle health issues and learn what “free radicals” actually are.

Just like you’re leading the squad with your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit this weekend, lead your team into a battle for a little healthier lifestyle with these tips and tricks!

Let Aspire take care of the work of planning these for you! Shoot a note to hello@aspire.is and we’ll set up any of the events you see above for your office. Pro tip: Mention you saw this offer here, and we’ll give you a special discount!