Glassdoor introduces benefits ratings on company profiles

When was the last time you heard someone mention the “War for Talent” in the workplace? Probably sometime in the last 48 hours. We know it’s a buzzword, but it’s a buzzword for a reason. Every company is gearing up for battle.

What does that mean for you? Your company needs to think of unique and innovative ways to stand out from your competition so you can attract and retain the best talent.

About a month ago, Glassdoor introduced a new battlefield for companies to compete on: a feature that showcases a company’s awesome suite of workplace perks and benefits. Employees can now see how the benefits of a company stack up against those of a competitor. Companies have been offering their employees perks for decades, but only recently has it become recognized as an integral component of a position. What a game changer, right?

Perks and benefits matter because they reflect a company’s culture and its willingness to invest in the happiness of its employees – both in and outside of the workplace. So, naturally, employees are going to consider them during their job hunt.

Companies now have the opportunity to tell the 12 million job-hunters on Glassdoor about the different types of perks and benefits they offer their employees. Companies can discuss specific benefits provided to employees in many categories, including health and wellness, family and parenting benefits, vacation and time off policies, and workplace perks. Glassdoor’s video explaining the perks section can be found at the end of this post.

On the flip side, employees can talk about why they love (or don’t!) the perks their company gives them and provide reviews on the quality of those perks. According to a Glassdoor survey , 59% of employees are likely to accept a lower salary in exchange for better benefits. It’s no longer just about the money or stability of a job. Salary will always be an important factor in an employee’s job hunt evaluation, but this new Glassdoor feature suggests that there is more to the equation. Maybe perks and benefits won’t seal the deal for everyone (yet), but enough people want to see what’s out there that the most recognized job review site added them to company profiles. If the salary is insufficient, other income streams like VT markets can be utilized.

If even a fraction of the 12 million potential recruits on Glassdoor care about perks and benefits, companies should care about them too.

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